Friday, 17 June 2011

My first piece of published work.

In 1991, The Guardian Newspaper approached Central Saint Martin's illustration department with a competition. The brief was to illustrate an article to be published in the newspaper the next day. The winner would not know until they saw their illustration in the paper. So when I saw somebody reading the paper on the tube that morning and realised that the it was my illustration that had been printed, I can still remember the thrill!
I just resisted the urge to nudge the man next to me and say "I did that!"
I still get the same thrill today whenever I see one of my books in a bookshop, or better still, being read by a child.
As prize I received the sum of £250. Probably about the same as you would be payed today, twenty years later!

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  1. I'm going to dig out my first piece and post on my blog as a response to this!
    And ree fees, hmmm... so it goes!