Thursday, 16 June 2011

A little about me...

Well, here goes! I hope you find my blog of interest.
First, a little about me. I was born in Surrey in the United Kingdom, to a family of designers. My parents Robert Dodd and Fay Hillier met at the Royal College of Art in the late fifties, where they studied textile design. Their work as designer's is represented in the V and A permanent collection.
So the house I grew up in was full of drawing and discussion, and as a young child I used to help colour up designs, remove cow gum, etc.

I can never remember wanting to be anything other than an artist, as this piece of school work shows. (What a swot I was at age 10!)
So I achieved my ambition and completed a foundation course at Kingston Polytechnic and a degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martins School of Art.
I started my degree in Graphic design, only switching to illustration fairly late in the course, and I think this has informed my illustration style ever since.
I have now been working as an illustrator since I left college and now focus mainly on children's book. In 2005 I started to write as well as illustrate books, which is wonderfully satisfying.

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