Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I Am Small

September 2011 sees the release by Scholastic's Cartwheel Books of "I Am Small"
This book is called "Me" in the UK and is published by Templar Publishing.
"Me" forms part of a series of 4 foil books for the very young. The other title are "Sometimes", "When" and "You".
Here is a lovely review from Publisher's Weekly for the American edition. 25/7/11.

I Am Small
In the manner of her previous small-format books for younger readers, Dodd (Meow Said the Cow) presents a child's-eye view of the world and the child's place in it. The speaker is an engagingly plump and downy young emperor penguin--"The world is fast... and I am small. The ocean is deep... and I am small"--who finishes by addressing the larger emperor penguin on whose feet it nestles: "I may be small, but I can see/ the biggest thing to you... is me!" While Dodd's artwork for older readers is often tongue-in-cheek, these spreads have a serious, almost stately quality. A striking underwater view shows the trails of bubbles left behind by diving penguins, the water's blue darkening to indicate chilly depths; a steep, foil-embossed slope is a mountain down which the penguin chick slides, snow flying off into a somber, slate-gray sky; and an adult penguin cuddles the chick, touching its beak as a crescent moon is reflected in an icy pool. It's a reminder that Dodd isn't all clever British cheek; she's a fine graphic artist as well. Up to age 3. (Sept.)

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